Email authentications - $7.00 per item.  

Hermes authentications - $30.00 per item.  I'm still limiting Hermes to bags and wallets, but will check the occasional belt.


Services available are answering general LV questions, Email Authentications of auctions, Datecode Discussion, Consignment Sales and Formal Letters for submission to eBay and PayPal when filing fraud claims.

• Email authentications; Datecode Discussions; checking the validity of a website are $7 (USD) per item.  Hermes bags or wallets are $30.00 per item.

• If sending photos for more than one item, please send only one item's photos per email.  Send photos as email attachments to

• Fee is paid in advance via to, otherwise your request might be delayed.

 VERY IMPORTANT: Please do not send your authentication request in the message section of your PayPal payment. Send it separately to me at

Authentication letters are on company letterhead and used for submission with fraud claims to eBay, PayPal, credit card companies and the U.S.P.S. with mail fraud claims. Please contact for more information and fee structure for letters.